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ChullsChick Launches on Moon Street

Peruvian Family-style Casual Dining

Latin American food is seeing a revival in Hong Kong’s dining scene, with its vibrant flavours and diverse array of cuisines. First established along Graham Street in the heart of Soho, ChullsChick offers an authentic taste of home-style Peruvian roasts, grills, and comfort classics in a casual family-friendly setting. After building a devoted community of patrons for four years, ChullsChick is launching its second location this September along Moon Street’s emerging gastronomic neighbourhood in an exciting expansion.

Introducing Chef-Founder Abel Ortiz

Born and raised in the coastal town of Callao, just minutes away from Peru’s capital city, Chef-Founder Abel Ortiz is no stranger to traditional flavours and proudly champions his home cuisine. Chef Abel trained at one of the country’s leading culinary schools and began his career at one of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, Mayta Lima, founded by the legendary Peruvian Chef Jaime Pesaque, as well as the award-winning Central Restaurante headed by star Chef Virgilio Martínez, before establishing his roots in Hong Kong in 2014 as the Head Chef of Toro Toro Pan Latin Steakhouse and Chicha under Dining Concepts.

After spending his first four years in Hong Kong working at fine-dining Latin American establishments, Chef Abel realised his dream of promoting his country’s cuisine and took the reins to launch his own restaurant, where he could serve authentic Peruvian comfort dishes at an accessible price. He founded ChullsChick with his Hong Kong-raised wife, Zoe, in 2018 to share his love for his vibrant native cuisine with Hong Kong in a colourful and comfortable environment that makes diners feel at home.

The Story Behind ChullsChick

The name of the restaurant pays tribute to Peru’s convivial culture, borrowing the prefix “Chulls”, from the indigenous Peruvian slang word which translates to ‘friend’ in English. The suffix “Chick” refers to the restaurant’s speciality of “Pollo a la Brasa”, a style of roast chicken native to Lima, which are cooked in specialised ovens shipped from Peru for the authentic experience. Each dish on ChullsChick’s wide-ranging menu features traditional ingredients sourced from Peru, cooked in the unique regional style of Chef Abel’s hometown. Each recipe is made from scratch, offering a genuine home-style approach to Peruvian cuisine that cannot be found in Hong Kong’s other Latin American restaurants.

The Colourful Cuisine of Peru: a melting pot of cultural influences

Situated on the west coast of South America, Peru’s diverse cuisine is rooted in the country’s biodiverse surroundings, from the Andean mountains and Amazon rainforest, to the Pacific coastline. With a rich cultural heritage and history, Peru’s gastronomy draws influences not only from the local tribes and communities but also Spanish conquistadors, African settlers, as well as French, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese immigrants who established roots in the country centuries ago. While many cuisines evolve quickly over time, Peruvian cuisine maintains its signature taste and does not compromise its quality. ChullsChick carries this tradition with its array of dishes that span Peru’s diverse cuisines, using only the best ingredients. Diners can expect a variety of comforting combinations catered to the tastes of all, with a distinctive Peruvian flair. From their vast array of refreshing starters to their peppery charred mains, ChullsChick delivers a bespoke all-day dining experience for every occasion in a casual and approachable setting.

ChullsChick’s Vibrant Menu: a memorable feast for the family

Ceviche Clasico (HK$158)

Green Duck Rice “Arroz con Pato” (HK$219)

Begin the meal with an emblematic Ceviche Clasico (HK$158), a refreshing seafood dish of raw fish cured in a spicy citrus-based Leche de Tigre to impart aromatic flavours while essentially ‘cooking’ it. The seafood dish has been declared to be part of Peru's national heritage, and is believed to have originated among the Moche, a coastal civilisation which flourished in Peru 2,000 years ago. Follow this refreshing starter with another ancient Peruvian dish, Causa de Pescado (HK$119), which is a mashed potato terrine served with an accompaniment of sea bass tartare.

Options are endless when deciding on main dishes from ChullsChick’s menu, which has been designed for sharing between friends and family. Choose from the Green Duck Rice “Arroz con Pato” (HK$219), one of Peru’s most iconic dishes, classic Latin American Empanadas (from HK$128), or a traditional Chifa-style Lomo Saltado (HK$208) which fuses Peruvian Creole cuisine with Chinese-Cantonese influences in a hearty stir-fried meat dish.

For larger groups, the all-inclusive Peruvian Grill (HK$340) is the perfect way to experience authentic Peruvian-style BBQ, featuring ½ chicken, chorizo, sirloin steak, and an array of homemade sauces and sides. The Peruvian Grill is served hot beside the table over charcoal-fuelled flames. Alternatively, opt for ChullsChick’s signature Pollo a la Brasa (HK$299 for the whole chicken), a dish of roast chicken rubbed with unique Peruvian herbs and spices, and spit-roasted in a specialised oven called “El Rotombo.” The purpose-built appliance is shipped directly from Peru, and is designed such that the chicken roasts in a circular motion to infuse it with a distinct smoky flavour while removing excess fat through a combination of high and low heat.

A Comfortable Space for Family-friendly Dining

With ChullsChick’s newest restaurant opening along Wan Chai’s quaint yet vibrant Moon Street, the casual Peruvian establishment positions itself as a family-friendly destination for diners seeking traditional Latin American-style comfort food. Decorated with colourful murals and rustic interior touches, ChullsChick Wan Chai transports its guests to the comfortable eateries of Chef Abel’s hometown without the day-long journey. Warm lighting and cosy seating adds to the pleasant atmosphere, which reflects the friendly and hospitable service of the team. Feel free to relax and let your guard down at ChullsChick during your next family dinner, casual business lunch, or friendly get-together.

About ChullsChick

Inspired by the casual family-style eateries scattered around Peru’s capital city, ChullsChick offers an all-day Peruvian dining experience to the bustling neighbourhoods of Soho and Wan Chai, with vibrant comfort food and traditional-style grilled and roasted meats. Ingredients are sourced directly from suppliers in Peru, to deliver authentic flavours that cannot be found elsewhere in Hong Kong. Chef-Founder Abel Ortiz brings classic recipes from his hometown, as well as years of experience working in Peru’s top restaurants and training in the region’s leading culinary institution, ensuring consistently outstanding experiences for patrons of the restaurant.

ChullsChick Central

Address: Shop D, G/F, 45-53A Graham Street, Soho, Central

Tel: +852 2668 3948

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm-10pm, Monday: closed

ChullsChick Wan Chai

Address: Shop D, E & F, 2-12 Moon Street, Wan Chai

Tel: +852 6538 0188

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm-10pm, Monday: closed

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