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Passepartout Brunch & Coffee is landing at Causeway BayThe culinary story of a global citizen

Passepartout Brunch & Coffee, a creative restaurant serving international cuisine, will officially open in Causeway Bay on the 15th of this month, aims to create unique brunch dishes, with twists of creativity, and Hong Kong culinary elements. Passepartout takes customers on a global journey with the tip of the tongue, through international fusion dishes, each named after the cities they represent. The owner of the restaurant, Jaliff Yiu, hopes to bring Canadian all-day-brunch culture to Hong Kong, where diners can sit back and enjoy brunch all day, every day.

When American classic meets a blend of South Asian spices - Calcutta

Passepartout’s signature dish Butter Chicken Waffle is named after Calcutta, the capital of West Bengal, India. Fusing the Southern American classic fried chicken waffle, with Asian culinary elements. The crispy butter chicken is marinated in yoghurt and deep-fried until crispy. Served on Masala waffle, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and infused with Masala. Indulge in this classic with a fragrant and tangy flare.

A taste of “home”, Luncheon meat and egg rice with a twist - Hong Kong

Luncheon meat and egg rice is inarguably an iconic Hong Kong delicacy, and Passepartout’s take on this signature dish is named Hong Kong, after the city, it originates from. This hearty Cha Chaan Teng classic is transformed into traditional British snack, Scotch egg, with luncheon meat and egg as filling, and coated in golden and crispy breadcrumbs to give a crunchy and soft combination of textures. Paired with Japanese rice, the dish creates a lingering moreish taste.

A Cross-Cultural Homestyle Dessert - Apple Crumble Pound Cake

Passepartout’s Apple Crumble Pound Cake is the culmination of the traditional British dessert, Apple Crumble, and 4 years experience in Japanese Pastry. One of the pastry desserts prepared daily by Pastry Chef Cathy. The pound cake is light in texture, whilst resembling the classic full, sweet flavours of the traditional dessert, topped with roasted crumble, and served alongside hand-made fresh cinnamon ice-cream

The Hong Kong-style naked Yuenyeung - Cino

Yuenyeung is traditionally a blend of Ceylon tea and coffee. The aroma of coffee and creamy milk tea ignites nostalgia in many Hong Kongers. One of the restaurant’s signature drinks is a variation of this classic, without the milky element. The restaurant’s owner Jaliff and Head Barista Melissa created this surprising drink through their repeated experimentation with teas and coffees. The duo replaces Ceylon tea with Pu-erh, which creates a strong tea scent with an earthy aroma of coffee.

The road to entrepreneurship after the 90s

Passepartout is Jaliff Yiu’s first restaurant in Hong Kong. The full-day menu stems from his upbringing, focusing on brunch dishes. The dishes created by Jaliff drew inspiration from his background growing up between Hong Kong and Vancouver. Combining his personal experiences during his years of growing up in other cities, with his culinary creativity, Jaliff creates a series of unique brunch dishes with recipes from around the world.

Falling in love with coffee brewing in college, Head Barista Melissa, creates traditional styles of coffee while, infusing Hong Kong-style elements into her creations. She reflects on how her creative inspiration comes from each customer, and every piece of work has been carefully tailor-made to make each guest feel comfortable and welcome.

Enjoy a moment of peace from the hustle and bustle

The restaurant decoration is inspired by the masterpiece of American painter Edward Hopper-"Nighthawks". The design is reminiscent of all-day cafes in Canada and Europe, with a rustic style. The interior is based on lake-green tones, with warm lighting, wooden tables and chairs, bookcases, and outdoor dining space. Passepartout gives diners the opportunity to enjoy a moment of tranquillity from the hustle and bustle.

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