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The Peak Lookout

Immerse in Hong Kong’s Rich Heritage and Savour International Cuisine

Situated on the highest point of Hong Kong Island with panoramic views of the city’s spectacular skyline, The Peak is an iconic destination that draws in locals and tourists alike, exhibiting scenic attractions and unparalleled dining experiences that fuse history with the present.

Undoubtedly a name that restores fond memories of Hong Kongers young and old, The Peak Lookout, has remained a cherished dining destination for over 21 years, offering international cuisine in a warm and inviting heritage building. After its extensive renovation, The Peak Lookout’s newly-refurbished space marks a new chapter where all can create new memories to treasure in the years to come.

A nostalgic dive into Hong Kong’s past The restaurant maintains a traditional English architectural style, with French design accents, referencing Hong Kong’s colonial past while maintaining its integrity as a nineteenth century Grade II Historic Building, preserving the charm that has become familiar to generations. Each crevice of the restaurant holds memories of special moments for many, as a destination for spirited family dinners, a picturesque escape for lovers, and a scenic retreat where childhood friends reunite. Listen in to tender conversations shared by old lovers, reminiscing about the anniversaries they spent by the balcony, and the euphonic laughter of family friends who spent their Sunday afternoons dining in the garden.

Bask in the sentimental warmth of collective memories amidst familiar faces and friendly strangers, both young and old, and drift off into a nostalgic space that remains untouched by the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. With decades of history ingrained in its many walls and corners, The Peak Lookout carries a rich heritage that is evocative of a bygone era. The newly revitalised space creates room for a fresh mosaic of memories to unfold as time allows, ready to be restored by future generations decades from today.

Take the scenic route by the century-old Peak Tram when the sun is at its highest, and be surrounded by vibrant sunset tones while enjoying an elevated feast with loved ones atop Hong Kong Island’s highest point. After dinner, cradle in the cool evening breeze while admiring the spectacular skyline before enjoying a peaceful ride back down into the city, looking back at the special moments made during the evening.

The perfect backdrop for special moments

Surrounded by lush greenery with carefully curated gardens designed by the restaurant’s florist and horticulturist, The Peak Lookout retains a timeless charm that makes it a popular romantic backdrop for weddings. The versatile space accommodates up to 330 seated guests and 500 standing guests, marking it as an idyllic destination for special events of all sizes. Bask in the hilltop breeze and toast to life’s simplest pleasures amidst families, friends, and familiar strangers while compiling new memories over elevated regional dishes that embody Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan tastes.

Comfort dishes crafted by an international team

The Seafood Platter

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Inspired by the amalgamation of cultures that defined the collective memories of this iconic restaurant, The Peak Lookout’s modernised menu showcases an array of international dishes, marking the alliance of east and west in Asia’s world city. With a wide selection of authentically prepared recipes from an international culinary team, The Peak Lookout has something for everyone to enjoy, demonstrating the team’s valuable expertise across a wide spectrum of cuisines. Savour the best of flavours of India, Europe and Hong Kong, satisfying palates with an array of vibrant dishes that have been loved for generations.

Signature items on the menu include tried and true classics such as The Peak Lookout Burger, smokey plates from ‘The Tandoori’ section served with housemade plain or garlic naan, raita yoghurt sauce and mint sauce, the popular Hainanese Chicken, the savoury Crab Squid Ink Linguine, and the decadent signature Seafood Platter. Each dish has been carefully made, using only the highest quality, hand-selected ingredients, and is served in generous portions, perfect for sharing.

The beverage programme is equally impressive, with an expansive range of wines by the glass, a curated selection of half-bottles, creative mocktails and cocktails, and draft beers, completing the tasting experience with a wide range of refreshments.

Create new memories in a nostalgic atmosphere as you celebrate special moments in The Peak Lookout’s newly-renovated space, and let the ageless charm of this iconic venue create fond memories for future generations to rediscover. Lounge in the fresh air and savour authentic international cuisine backdropped by a tasteful blend of lush greenery and skyline views from Hong Kong Island’s highest peak.

Reserve your table ahead of time through Bistrochat, and enjoy a curated experience tailored to your preferences.

Getting to The Peak Lookout

From Central, take bus 15 from Exchange Square to the bus terminus at The Peak Galleria, then walk towards the junction between Peak Road and Mount Austin Road. Alternatively, take the Peak Tram from Garden Road to The Peak Tower. Taxis are also available from the city centre going up.

Leaving from The Peak Lookout

Take bus 15 from The Peak Galleria to return to Central and Hong Kong Station, or take the Peak Tram back to Garden Road. Taxis are also available at The Peak Galleria.

About The Peak Lookout

The Peak Lookout remains a historic and cultural landmark for all, offering elevated international cuisine in a nostalgic setting. Surrounded by lush greenery and panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyline, The Peak Lookout promises an unforgettable experience that caters to the tastes of all, providing a timeless backdrop for special occasions of all sizes. Bask in the mountain breeze, and rediscover fond memories in a heritage building as you create new memories with loved ones in The Peak Lookout’s revitalised setting.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (including Public Holidays): 12pm - 10pm

Address: 121 Peak Road, The Peak, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2849 1000

Event booking: +852 2532 6277 or


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