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Alexandra is a leading social media expert, with over 5 years of experience managing and strategising social media accounts for businesses.


Alexandra has worked with over 50 F&B brands and counting, from independent concepts to Michelin-starred restaurants, bringing to each authoritative and creative social media, content & PR strategies.


Graduating from the School of Communication at HKBU, Alexandra has a strong understanding of building effective social media & communication strategies.


Kieran brings data and technology talents to bear on behalf of the clients he works for, delivering strong digital campaigns that generate measurable results.

Kieran's unique expertise in restaurant marketing is unmatched. He started his career in data management before leading digital marketing at a social media platform. Being inspired by the data available when marketing and analysing digital products, Kieran applied this knowledge to offline businesses such as restaurants, to attribute marketing ROI and optimise marketing initiatves, combining online analytics with traditional methods for unprecedented results.

Founded in 2020 by F&B Marketing Experts, Kieran Gibb and Alexandra Leung. Not ones to leave any task incomplete, they insist to get stuck in, and are actively involved in each and every project that comes through Monogic - whether it's social media, digital marketing, PR, data capture initiatives, or reporting and analytics.


Together with a team of F&B-specialist marketing experts from all across the marketing spectrum, Monogic have assisted 80+ F&B brands to thrive through the latest digital marketing trends to help increase audience engagement.


Our team comprises passionate and hard-working individuals who have previously worked in leading F&B and Restaurant Groups, each of whom bring valuable skills and experience to the table. We prioritize building strong relationships with the people we serve, in order to provide the best end-to-end marketing solutions tailored to your F&B business.

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